Horseback riding in picturesque gorge

17 Nov 2012 - 09:00
Place:  Chon Kemin valley, Kalmak Ashuu village
Entrance fee:  $54 (including dinner)

Dear friends, we are glad to represent to your attention amazing horseback riding trip to Chon Kemin valley.

Having arrived to village Kalmak-Ashu, you will get acquainted with our grooms and horses. After all equipment and horses will be definitively prepared we will go to unforgettable travel on mountains of valley Chon Kemin.

At first the way will lie on mountain road. On a way we will cross small river and further we will get to forest. This part of a way the most remembered as, passing in wood astride a horse, you can feel the unification with the nature and bewitching silence. Later we will rise on a small plateau, the remarkable kind on all gorge whence opens. Here we will stop on picnic, and after you can arrange remarkable photo session, having embodied all beauty of these places.

Upon arrival to the village back you are waited by a traditional Kyrgyz dinner in a yurt. Also, having had dinner, you can lie down and have a rest, not leaving a yurt! You never forget such fascinating trip!