Welcome to the miracle

19 Nov 2012 - 09:00
Place:  Kyrgyz Range, Boom Pass, Konorchek Red Canyons
Entrance fee:  $25

Kyrgyzstan is the country of mountains! And you have a fine chance to spend memorable time in our amazing gorges! One of the most nearest and big mountain ridges around the city of Bishkek is the Kyrgyz Range, length of it is about 400 kilometers and there are numerous picturesque gorges! All of them are not similar and having visited once, it would be good decision to come back here again and again!

So, our proposal is to visit the Konorchek gorge – one of the such places that we told you earlier, and  fine place for carrying out of weeknends for rest in a circle of friends, colleagues or is simple the family! You will be amazed by unusual beauty of red canyons of the various forms which have been cut out by a rain and a wind throughout many thousands of years! Agree, after all Mother Nature one of the best architects on a planet the Earth!

Right at the beginning our way will lie on a narrow labyrinth among the rocks, the washed up small mountainl river which to become deep in the middle of September - in the beginning October during a season of rains! Sometime later we get to a small valley surrounded with a wall of red canyons! During this short, but very fascinating travel you rise along a ridge on a small plateau, the unimaginable kind on all gorge where we will stop on small picnic whence opens! Our way back will lie through the numerous cut up canyons. Certainly, these places are worthy to be embodied on long memory by means of your photos and video of chambers! Having stayed here once, you by all means want to repeat this unforgettable travel!

People, having stayed here usually speak: «This place definitely is not similar to all other gorges of Kyrgyzstan»!